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An installation view with "The Path in the Residential Side"
September 2018

NEWS / 2019. 1. 8.

I appreciate your kindness and attention during the year 2018.
Wish you a wonderful year 2019!

New Bouldering Wall Information
2018年12月6日(木)にオープンしましたグリーンアローボルダリングパーク モラージュ柏店様のボルダリングウォールを手掛けさせていただきました。
Installed the new bouldering wall painting at Green Arrow Bouldering Park Mallage Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, which opened on Thursday, December 6 2018.

Exhibition Information

Ended on Saturday, September 22. Thank you very much for your visit and support!
Some installation views and works will be on the page soon.

A solo exhibition was held in Tokyo from Monday / Holiday, September 17 to Saturday, September 22.
Details are on the following page.
(Last update; Thursday, September 27)
"Follow My Path!"


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